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Claudine has had so many requests just to see her in Pantyhose she decided that she had to have a second web site.

Classic and Modern Glamour, all her sets are created around a story line and then acted out in front of the camera to present the reader with a written story alongside each photo. Claudine's original site www.elegant-sophisticated.net was the first internet site to incorporate this idea which her members appreciate so much and sets her websites apart from all the rest!
Come with us to a fantasy world in which our beautiful Claudine seems always to find herself the centre of intrigue and romance, blackmail and submission and even black magic! Our heroine begins each episode immaculately presented in business suits and dresses
and she invariably ends up pleasingly undressed.

In keeping with our theme of Classically Elegant there is no complete nudity on this site nor consummated sexual acts.
Nonetheless we are sure you will appreciate something truly unique on the internet; the allure of a beautiful woman elegantly attired and erotically displayed for your pleasure.

Warning! This site contains Adult content. All models are over 18 years of age. By clicking one of the buttons you are certifying that you are of legal age and viewing Adult related content is allowed by your local laws, if Not please leave immediately.
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